My Travels

Why do I travel?
I travel because I want to experience the places I have read about for myself. Words cannot fully describe the feeling of rain falling in a magical city like Paris nor the vibrance and smell of grass on the English countryside. There's a peace and challenge in climbing the ancient ruins of Cambodia (or be carried, whichever works) that have been around for centuries. History and art become more awe inspiring and fascinating when you're there in person, walking where great figures walked and studying the (im)perfection of art pieces of old. Everyone has their own stories, and I just can't wait to hear them,and figure out how they intertwine with my own. I LOVE eating new foods and hope to add to my recipe book :).

What is wanderlust?
One of my favorite words of all times is wanderlust and I have a major case of it.

Which was the first foreign country I've ever visited?
Brazil. I did a year-long foreign exchange in Brazil after graduation from high school. Brazil is hands down one of my favorite countries to visit. I dream about it even after ten years of being away. You can read about my experience as a foreign exchange student here.

Where have I lived abroad?
Brazil, one year
Cambodia, four months 
Scotland, four months 

Martina's Destinations
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Upcoming Destinations

·      Brazil

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