About Me

Hello! I'm Martina. I'm a believer (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint), wife, mother, athlete, student, advocate, and traveler in a wheelchair. I love to explore and find beauty in simple things each day. I enjoy handcycling and monoskiing all around with my family. My goal is to bike or ski on all seven continents. So far, our beautiful home state, Utah has been an amazing starting point.

In 2009, a snowboarding accident left me paralyzed from the waist down, and completely changed the course of my life. It was then that I realized how precious and short life is, so I committed myself to making the most of my time in this life. That is when this blog came to life. This is my own little diary to document my trials and triumphs in this adventure we call life. 

I met my husband, AJ in college through our love for language (Cambodian/Khmer) and service. He keeps me grounded through hard times and laughing through our crazy adventures. Like all great love stories, our has continued to blossom over the years with each new adventure. 

We have two beautiful babies, Boston and Audrey. You'll hear about them on this blog!

My family is my inspiration for living life to its fullest. They are my greatest travel companions. Together, we explore the beauty life has to offer and find the greatest of adventures. We serve together. We have fun together. We love one another. We do the best we can each day by God's grace.

I hope that as you explore my blog, you will find reason to smile and be inspired to live your life to its fullest, whether in simple daily blessings or on grand adventures. If all you get from the blog is an affirmation that life is good or a feeling that we can do hard things, I'll be extremely happy. I sincerely hope I can make a difference for you. Please feel free to browse around, share your ideas, and show some love by sharing. 



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