Friday, January 16, 2015

Cheers to 2015!

2014 Recap:
I can't believe how 2014 flew right before our eyes! The Huntington Family saw many changes, did many things, and enjoyed many adventures together this past year. First and foremost, our little babe Boston turned a whole ONE year old in September, which we celebrated with a fantastic "Up" themed birthday party. What an amazing year of growth for this little guy. We traveled to Florida, New York City, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyonup and down California, Mount Rushmore and around Utah. AJ celebrated his year mark at I honed my photography and sewing skills (last year's goals) via community courses, started a new job at my alma mater, BYU and I have a new, adapted car. Needless to say, we had many wonderful things to look back on for this past year. Now to keep that fun going in 2015!

2015 Goals:
From past experiences, great things happen when AJ and I sit down and set goals together . I know it sounds really cheesy, but all of our adventures, especially the larger ones like international trips, happen because we plan. It's something we would both highly recommend. We also decided early on in our marriage that goals were important because we could/should be better people. To do that, we choose aspects of our lives to work on during the year because real, successful change is gradual and well-thought out.

Family Goals:
Travel: Because AJ and I love to travel, we made it a lifelong goal to share the wonderful world of cultures, foods, languages, and happiness with our kids. I know a lot of people think it's not possible to travel much when you're married with kids, but I hope I've been able to counter that belief with my own experiences. It's very possible and much better to share those adventures with your family. AJ and I switch up stateside and international trips every other year and we save, save, save! This year, our family is saving up to pick my brother up from his church mission in Cambodia and head over to the Philippines along the way. We're excited for Holly and Boston to meet family members in both countries and show them the cool stuff available in each place. This will require lots of research but it will be fun and well-worth it. It'll take self-discipline to refrain from spending money on frivilous things, which will be a good habit to form because we have way too much crap in our closet and garage anyway. We'll just have to remember that $10 for a new shirt means $10 less for fun in Asia!

Spiritual Balance: It's so easy to get so involved with work that we bring work home with us, whether mentally or physically, but too much of anything is not good for our well-being. An area that our family needs to work on is balancing or rather increasing spirituality in our home and that can mean many things: studying scriptures more often, daily prayers, church attendance, meditation, reflection, less technology, surrounding ourselves with positive people, and sharing uplifting thoughts and conversations. This is so important and is key to being better people to each other and everywhere around us.

Individual goals:
Graduate Requisite Exam (GRE): I'm planning on taking the GRE this May, which requires a lot of commitment and time aside from work and family, but I know I can do it with my family's support.  I've already taken a class and am currently studying with a friend, but it's going to take a lot more than that. I keep telling myself that in order to advance in my career and reach my professional goals, this is what I must do.

Reading: I love to read. The opportunity to expand my mind and challenge my beliefs make me happy because I know I'm growing. I would really like to finish four books this year but haven't selected books yet (Suggestions welcomed). However, I'm leaving those to this summer (after the GRE). Just trying to be realistic.

Social: I can't think of anything more worthwhile in life than the relationships you build. However, I'm probably one of the worst people with keeping up with friends and letting them know how much I appreciate them. So, I've decided to block out some time each week for dates, writing letter, calling people to catch up, and planning more get togethers.

It took some time and thought, but these goals are worthwhile. I know they are realistic and can really change my life. I'm looking forward to them! I hope to share the adventures with you along the way, so please come back and join in on the journey! Please, please, please share what adventures you're planning for this 2015! Take it as a first step towards my "social" goal ;)