Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boston's "UP" birthday party {baby's first birthday}

A person's birthday is a celebration of his life and accomplishments, victories, exploration, and lessons learned. It says to the world, "cheers to the beautiful things that have come to pass because this person is on this earth. Let's keep learning and loving." Because a child reaches so many milestones in a year, I wanted to do something extra special for Boston. It has indeed been an epic year for him, which is deserving of an epic first of many birthdays. Even if he won't remember it, he'll see the photos one day and he'll know he had plenty of supporters along the way. Although next year, we're going to go more low key {like Chick-Fil-A and Baskin Robbins}.

To honor Boston growing "UP" so fast, we threw him a party based on the movie "Up," which included his favorite toy in the world {at the moment}--balloons. LOTS of balloons. It was so much fun to plan this party. It required much planning ahead of time, but it was worthwhile to see Boston have so much fun with his little friends {and we happened to enjoyed ourselves with our friends as well. win win}.

I wanted to hand craft as many of the decorations for the party as I could so I put my creativity and research abilities to the test. This is what I came up with.

Many of these decorations will go to his room afterwards. I laminated the birthday sign for future birthdays.

I painted the "Up" house on cardboard with tons of bright colors which Boston loved. With the help of my husband, we crafted this house into a play place and photo prop for the party as seen here:

We ordered this fantastic bouquet of balloons from Utah Balloon Creations in Payson, UT. They had lots of options and even hand wrote a message I dictated along with the delivery.
Boston and M playing peek-a-boo with the house board. So cute!
I made a mobile of Boston's milestones, and guests were invited to write down their wishes for Boston.
 "Adventure awaits" in Portuguese, "Altas aventuras." It's literal translation is "High adventures."
I tried painting and distressing mason jars for the first time so these 4x4 pinwheels could go into them. 

Because in the movie, Russel is a wilderness explorer, I made this badge sash for Boston and AJ came up with some adapted s'mores treats. So much fun to make them both!

Beautiful cake made by a sweet girl, Anjuli. We also decided to carry on the Brazilian tradition of making these brigadeiros (chocolate balls) for birthdays.

We missed the opportunity by Boston just bent down and bit right into his slice of cake. Yum! And then brigadeiros kept "slipping" out of his hand.

We served sliders some with bacon, cheddar, and wasabi ranch, another with bacon, bleu cheese, and another with honey caramelized onions. You know, little people food, and of course, grape soda and soda of all sorts. Thanks so much with the help, Mom and Dad!

 I didn't get as many photos as I wanted of everyone there because of the busy nature of being a hostess. But our family had so much fun at the party. I got to watch Boston run around with his little friends and it just made my heart flutter. I love this social baby and all of his cute little antics.

We opened baby's fun presents with our family afterwards. What a beautiful day celebrating a whole year of pure joy with this beautiful boy. We are truly blessed.

Happy Birthday, my son. You've lived an epic one year already and have taken us on an amazing adventure. We love you so much. We look forward to many more to come!

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