Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend for Daddy

It was a special weekend in the Huntington household. We not only celebrated A.J.'s {near 30} birthday, but his first real, official {Yay, I'm part of the club} Father's Day. Special, right? Not to toot my own horn, but I married one very chill dude. For his special weekend, A.J. let me choose what we were going to do {talk about a 50/50 relationship}. Back when I was planning our #yearofdates I knew June would be a tricky month because of various summertime options (camping trips, AJ's 10 year class reunion, concerts, rodeos…I LOVE them all) AND especially WORLD CUP (we've been waiting for four years...and finally it's here!). Well, the stars aligned for everything to go just right for us and we had so much fun.

For lunch, we went to our favorite restaurant in Utah Valley, Tucanos for delicious Brazilian churrasco and pão de queijo (cheese bread) galore with our family {dad included}. Even little Holly joined in the fun and tried almost everything we put on her plate: ribeye steak, garlic sirloin, chicken heart, beef brisket, filet mignon wrapped in bacon... I hope Boston will be super open to trying new things like that one day. And because it's Father's Day weekend, there were added shrimp, salmon, barbeque chicken. So much food! The gluton in me wished my tummy could fit in more to get my money's worth. But it's OK, for a small lady who doesn't eat so much on a regular basis, you have to go into a churrascaria and conclude you're paying for the atmosphere, company, and quality of food, and your husband's appetite.

Afterwards, it was World Cup time. I wouldn't say I'm a huge football buff. My exposure to the sport began in 2006 when I was preparing to leave on my exchange to Brazil. My passion grew while I was on my exchange and constantly watching it with my host families. My realizations of the worldwide importance of this sport occurred during my travels. And being married to my husband who loves this sport beyond any other has sealed this football thing for me for time and all eternity. It was inevitable. I hope Boston jumps on the football bandwagon, too. It's kind of a big deal to us --like going to watch a World Cup game is on the bucketlist, kind of big. Boston got to watch part of the Italy vs. England World Cup game on Daddy's lap {gotta start them young}. We were torn as we love both countries. It could have gone either way. But I had a feeling Italy would take it, so that's how my bracket goes. They finished 2-1. Yes! *[The US beat Ghana 2-1 today. USA USA USA!!]*

After the dramatic game, we left baby under the care of AJ's parents and headed for our concert to see One Republic's Native Summer Tour with the Script -- seriously one of the best concerts I've ever been to. For one, the line up was great. American Authors opened up, then the Script, and finally, One Republic... It was like a walk down memory lane. We used to listen to these guys all the time during our college days. How perfect to hear them live and actually know all their songs (because concerts are so much better when you know the songs)! Their music was superb, their performance was upbeat, and their storytelling of each song coming to pass was so engaging. Those are the things that make a concert so much more meaningful and memorable for me. Getting to hear from the musicians on stage live was kind of like getting to know a bit of them. For example, I learned that Ryan Tedder wrote the song, "Something I need" when he woke up at 2AM after his 30th birthday freaking out, and looked over to his wife asleep next to him and realized she's all he needed to make it through and if he were to die once, it was well worth it to be with her. I thought of what he said for the rest of the show and just felt so lucky to be there, tears running down my face, our arms embraced, and my head on the shoulder of my sweetheart.

I'd like to dedicate this song to AJ because he makes this life worth living to me. He's got everything I could ever need or want. To the love of my life, the daddy of my precious boy, if we only live once, I wanna live with you… Happy Birthday and Father's Day! I hope you know how much we love you!

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