Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Grand Canyon

It was the crack of dawn, when we all piled into our rented mini-van and headed toward our next adventure: the Grand Canyon, known to the world as one of the largest and oldest dating back to about 2 billion years.

Even at first glance of the entryway, I knew the trip would be worthwhile. There were tons of trees, greenery, you know -- signs of life (finally, after hours of driving through the desert). Getting to the canyon was even better. There was such beauty there. A gradient of color among the rocks, tons of plants, and the vast sky above us. The sight of the humungous canyon below us... it was both exhilarating and anxiety-striking. I could tell little Holly felt the same way as I did, but to a heightened degree. That was probably the craziest thing in her little world. We stood there, soaking in as much as we could.

  Not every path was wheelchair accessible, but with the help of park maps, we found out which ones would work for us. You can find it on their website. However, I still required helped going up slight, rocky inclines. And I was limited on where the wheelchair could safely go and didn't get to go to some of the cooler spots like this place…

It was a chilly day so our warm-loving Boston was a bit upset and clung on for warmth wherever he could. I had forgotten to pack warm gear for him on this trip, so we put my long leopard socks on his chunky baby legs and wrapped him in a blanket like a leopard eskimo. Even my host brother was feeling the chill but forgot to bring a jacket for himself, so he walked around the park with a blanket from the car. We're just a stylin' family like that.
 Holly has taken an interest in photography since we do so much of it in our family, so we put her in charge of the camera for a while and she got some really fun candid photos. She took tons of a few little friends who were just hanging out in the area and random things in between.
We headed to the visitor's center for some warmth. We got to see, feel, touch replicated artifacts of the life there such as different types of animals and rocks. We learned the canyon was carved out by the Colorado River some millions ago and inhabited by native Americans throughout recent centuries.

I've always been in awe of the magnificence and mysteries of the world that God had created by us. Seeing the Grand Canyon further confirmed God's great power for having molded this earth to what it is to what we enjoy now in modern time. Amazing.
We crossed the famous Route 66 to get to the Grand Canyon. It was used tons for migration to the west from the Chicago to Santa Monica.
The Grand Canyon is definitely a worthwhile trip. Certainly a great summer activity with the family. I'm kind of sad we didn't get to camp there this time. Have you camped there and is it worth trying out sometime?

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