Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boston's Half Birthday

Our dear, cheerful little boy turned 6 months old today. We had a day of epic celebration (baby-style) and basking him in extra love and kisses. It may seem menial that a human being has passed 6 months of life, but this is our little being that has endured 6 whole months with us crazy folks. He has developed and grown so much in this time, and brought immense joy to our lives with a smile that radiates through his entire face and completely lights up our home. He is the sunshine in our lives -- the one we look forward to kissing, hugging, playing with, and comforting every single day. He made us first time parents and gave us the opportunity to grow and understand the meaning of true love and sacrifice (oh those sleepless nights). We are indeed proud parents of this darling "menino" who rolls over, does baby yoga while eating, smiles sweetly in his sleep, eats baby carrots and bananas like a big boy, raises his arms to let us know he wants us, excitedly stomps his feet against everything, and rubs his little hands against our faces as he's going to sleep. Because of him, we enjoy a completely different level of fulfillment and happiness. We are so grateful for this little bundle of joy and are loving every moment of being his parents (yes, even the fussy, I'm-so-tired times).
Boston adores playing with this party favor Daddy brought home
Aren't children such blessings? What do you do to celebrate half birthdays?

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  1. Oh how sweet! I hope he enjoyed his day. Gosh, they grow so quickly. It amazes me! Such a blessing. Our daughter turns 3 years old in April. We feel just as blessed as you do. Children are definitely a blessing from above.