Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby's First Road Trip: 10 essentials to keep baby happy

There are great benefits to road trips. Aside from the unparalleled scenery and sense of accomplishment from enduring hours in the car [with other people], we could overpack our car with just about our whole closet to ensure baby was comfortable (Yes, I was that mother). I was glad we didn't jump right into getting a baby and all of our belongings through airport security and then hopping on a plane. This road trip to Vegas helped us introduce baby to long trips and ease our way into traveling with a baby (very different from when it was just the two of us). Another reason to love road trips with a baby is that there was bound to be a convenience store not too far away should we have needed something. Obviously every child is different, and as their parent you'll know what your child's needs are, but here are some of the essentials that really made the trip easier with our baby: 

  1. diapers (average 10 a day) and plenty of wipes for hands, face, toys, binkies, public changing tables, etc.
  2. comfortable clothes that are easy to take off for changes and maybe a pair of comfy cute clothes for possible photo shoots, and warm clothes for inclement weather.
  3. blankets (about 3) for comfort in the carseat, to lie on in bed, and in case you need to change baby in public places that don't provide a clean changing station.
  4. burp cloths - they come in handy so many times throughout the day, especially because our little one is an excessive drooler (he may be headed towards teething).
  5. binkies (about 4)- these are life savers. We've tried a few but our baby only uses these Avent soothies. We need lots because we lose them all the time.
  6. milk [and a canister of formula in case I didn't produce enough milk, and bottles to keep them in]
  7. first aid/grooming kit (just in case) including children's tylenol and thermometer
  8. various toys (~5 to switch out every 20 mins or so to keep baby interested)- Baby Einstein Bendy BallFireflyBright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy Bar (not too many musical toys because it might have driven us crazy), etc.
  9. books (~5 to switch out)- We love Nursery Rhymes, Rainbow Fish, Good Night Moon, Green Eggs and Ham, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  10. Graco Fast Action Click Connect- quick and easy to assemble and take on our trip down the strip. The carseat is comfortable for baby so he could sleep on the way, and the stroller is sturdy and easy to pull up and open. The wheels are bigger and easily take on lips and gravel.
**We co-sleep with baby so we didn't need a travel bed, and had him in a carseat when dining at restaurants.
We loaded up the Jeep (which was admittedly in a state of disaster) and were on our way to Vegas. I ended up riding in the back with Boston to care for and entertain him. I was grateful that Boston slept almost the whole way through (without the assistance of NyQuil! jk) as the car motion generally makes kids sleepy. The only real pain was pumping in a moving car but I'll take that over fussy baby anytime! Overall, it was a great first road trip with our little traveler (Read about it here). Can't wait to take on the next one!

What are some things that keep your little one happy during a road trip?

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