Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY {Year of Dates}

While we were dating, AJ and I realized that Valentine's Day just wasn't a forte in our relationship. We probably will never master this day (although I wouldn't be opposed to getting a nice trip out of it if he offered). We love each other so much and try to outdo each other in showing that, every single day. I'm so grateful for my best friend and the eternal love and friendship we share. One of the most amazing things about being married is having someone to grow with. My husband is my constant companion whom I love to do everything with. I treasure the times that we get to spend together having fun. I feel that spending time together is the way to growing together. Despite not being so good at celebrating our love on Valentine's day, we are pretty good at celebrating our love throughout the year with dates, and I'm so happy for someone who can think up lots of different things for us to do. This year, I decided to make it easy on him and come up with a whole year's worth of dates (I got this idea from Joy in the Journey blog) for Valentine's day and I gave it to him during our Valentine's date (whoa, shocker!). All of the activities take place around Utah so that we're taking advantage of our time here. Each month's date is unique and fun, some are even new activities for us. I'm really excited for this project and hope it'll give us the chance to fall even more in love with each other. It took a bit of research to figure out what events are going on, but it will be so worth it in strengthening your marriage/dating life. Our first date will happen next month when we hit up the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork (reliving our dating life) and enjoying some curry, lots of colors and crowd surfing! 

AJ brought home flowers, a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake (he knows the way to my heart), a Valentine cookie for the Holl Doll, Orangina (one of our favorite drinks) and made a pasta dinner.
Strawberry shortcake flavored cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy
Heart shaped bamboo that is meant to last forever like our love from Pro Flowers
This was the first of many Valentine's Day that we got to share with our little Valentine and we loved it. He was so happy the whole time, giving us his best smiles. He just loved cuddling, gubering and jibber jabbing with us while we had dinner and crafted a DIY project (It was his idea and I was thrilled by the fact that my husband knows me so well and would craft with me)! Completed pictures to come.
Our little Valentine in his new walker
Working on the project
For the sake of Valentine's Day, I wanted to give a small shout out on my blog to my sweetie who always tries to outdo me in showing his love every single day whether it be through thoughtful words, gratitude, action, service, caring for our little baby, or little gifts, he does them all so well.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's :)


  1. Oh how wonderful! I think the idea of having a whole year worth of dates planned is absolutely wonderful. I hope you all have a lovely time at the Festival of colors. -And I must say, the strawberry shortcake cupcake looks so delicious! And your little Valentine- Precious!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I'm soooooo excited for the dates! Lots of cool stuff planned :) Do you have any other ideas?