Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Usually back home in Fresno, we would celebrate Chinese New Year with tea, moon cake, lots of Chinese food and red and gold decorations. But seeing that we are a bit limited where we're at, and I'm feeling a little less Chinese than Cambodian this year, we celebrated by going to get some Chinese food for dinner. We'll do fireworks with my sister, Molly tomorrow when she comes into town from D.C.!

There is a small Chinese restaurant we've been going to in Orem for years called, Great China. At first glance, the appearance and atmosphere of the restaurant is mediocre, nothing special. Your eyes wouldn't necessarily be drawn there. However, I would recommend eating here because the food is amazing and there's a large selection, the service is great (10 min average waiting time and the people are friendly), they have a steal of prices at about $6-8 for a large dish and we always get to listen to good, popular music in the background. Plus, they offer take out!

House special fried rice, sesame chicken, pork and snow peas
Happy Chinese New Year!! What kind of fun stuff did you do?

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