Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY {"Tangled" Bookmark Invitation}

I'm putting together a baby shower for my sister-in-law who is expecting a baby girl. She is using the Disney movie, "Tangled" as the theme for the baby's nursery, so I decided to put together a shower that will be fashioned after the same theme. For invitations, I wanted to do something cute, handmade, and useful. I came up with an invite that attaches an embellishment which serves as a bookmark. It was a lot of intricate work, but so much fun. I'm grateful my husband helped take care of baby for while I worked on these. This is what it looks like. Learn how to make it below.

4-5 different colored sheets of card stock paper
hole punch
double sided tape
scotch tape
washi tape (optional)
sewing machine (optional)

1. Print 2 invites per 8.5 in. x 11 in. page (words on a half of each side) on colored card stock paper and cut them out.
2. Create a stencil of each part of the tower, trace and cut out multiple on the different colored pages.
3. For the room of the tower, eyeball the position you would like it to be in, punch a hole through the middle castle spires, and tape to the back of the tower's body (or vice versa).

4. Cut 6 strands of yarn at 10 in. each, match up the strands to one end, tie it, braid it, untie the end, then pull about 1 in. through hole of tower, scotch tape it down.
 5. Use one strand of the braid and tie it around the other strands to secure the braid.
6. Attach roof of tower to room of tower with double sided tape.
7. For the backing of the bookmark, double side tape and trace out the entirely constructed tower onto another card stock paper, and cut. You can stop the bookmark here, or you can finish off with a little sewing around the  bookmark.
 8. Write "Bookmark 'date'" to ensure people realize these are bookmarks.

9. Use one piece of scotch tape to attach the bookmark the empty side of the invitation, then tape the end of the braid to the other side of the page.
10. I used two colored washi tape on the top right hand corner for embellishment.

There you go! Send me a link to your creation or post your photo here. I'd love to see the variations! :)

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