Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tummy Time via Boston

Today I got to spend the whole day with Mommy (like every other day). We did all sorts of fun stuff. I drank some mum mum (Mmmmm…it's so delicious), ate my fingers (there may or may not have been some dribbling involved), read with Mommy (rather, she read to me while I touch the pages. I love all the bright colors), and had swing time where I get to move from side to side in my swing while listening to fun baby music. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we also had tummy time -  one of my least favorite time of everyday.

This is where Mommy places me on my tummy and I have to try and move around - something about getting on my way to crawling (whatever that is). It's so tiring. So most of the time, I just do a little wiggling to get Mommy off my back, dribble some, and take breaks to make it go by faster - it's so funny how happy this makes mommy. She claps and cheers for me to keep moving. But all I'm thinking about is how I can't wait til break time. I love the break part because I just lay my head on the ground and rest. It's so relaxing. That is the life. Seriously, all I have to do is smile or giggle and I get a ton of attention; if they ignore me for too long I whine and boom, attention. The other day I put in a little more effort in and I flipped from my tummy to my back, and the parentals went wild! I have this lady wrapped around my soggy finger. Oh look my toesies…

Sorry, I saw my toes…I have ten of them you know. Fascinating. Mommy sometimes calls them piggies.

OK, so the worst part about tummy time isn't just how tiring it is but the fact that I can see it coming from a mile away but there's nothing I can do to escape it. Mommy usually says "Honey, it's tummy time," but I can't say back to her, "No way, Mommy. That stuff is hard work." So then she gets us ready. She puts me down on the couch, and I get to see the whole living room while sitting up. Yes! I love sitting up! She makes my quilt go whoosh before it hits the floor. Next she takes her feet off of her magic moving chair, and puts down the rest of her body on to the floor. After, she scooches along the floor a little bit, reaches to grab me, wobbles a bit, and onto the floor I go. I think I'm getting a bit heavy for her hence the wobbliness, but honestly, it's kind of fun. That was an adventure in and of itself. I get onto my tummy and then the dreadful tummy time begins.

Tummy Time.jpg by tinakim88

Tummy Time.jpg, a photo by tinakim88 on Flickr.

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