Thursday, January 30, 2014

Boston's Aviator Hat

A few months ago, I put my crochet skills to use and made Boston an aviator hat while we were on a road trip to Vegas. It was big for him then, but that was ok because I wanted him to keep wearing his Totoro hat for a bit longer. As nature would have it, he is growing super rapidly and now fits into his aviator hat. I'm excited for him to wear it as it will keep his ears warm from Utah's snow (and it so happens that we had a snow storm today). It will be a fun addition to his wardrobe (yes, he does have a wardrobe and it has expanded a bit beyond onesies). I especially wanted to make sure that he has something his mother made for him and know how much she loves him.
I love this hat because it's an aviator hat and to me, aviator means adventure! I hope this precious little one grows up to be an adventurer, a wanderer, a difference maker, and a life lover. He has such a sweet spirit about him now. He's a little one that simply enjoys life, an example to me and AJ. Please stay this way, Little One.
I found the design here and it's tried and true. I adjusted the pattern a bit to fit about a 5-6 month old baby. If you would like the new pattern, please contact me.

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