Saturday, November 2, 2013

Boston's First Halloween

Children give so much meaning to life. Our boy in particular, has brought us more joy than we ever thought possible, even as such a little dependent infant. AJ and I usually don’t dress up for Halloween (except for Halloween parties which we haven't thrown for years), but this year, we actually had reason to dress Boston up. I love family Halloween costume themes so Daddy was Batman and Boston was Daddy’s little sidekick, Robin – the Dynamic Duo – because he will always be Daddy’s little buddy. Holly dressed up as Super Girl and me as Wonder Woman. We were a family of super heroes for the evening and had so much fun! Holly was especially intrigued that she matched her nephew, which made them extra cool.
Batman and Happy Robin
Our family and the pumpkins this year
For Boston’s first Halloween, we opted out of taking him trick or treating and we went to our annual family party instead and he partied it up…in dreamland. There is a fun a tradition of serving soup at our family party. This year, we had broccoli and cheese, chili, creamy potatoes, and lime chicken with beans. We served them in bread bowls and it was delish! It was fun to sit and listen while parents told funny stories of their childhood and the nuances of parenthood to grandparenthood.

As his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents took turns holding Boston throughout the night, we saw how much he was loved and it brought us joy and comfort to know that besides us, there will always be family for our little boy to lean on. **I guarantee that baby holding brings automatic lovin’ and joy to the holder, by the way.**

Grandpapa and Baby
Cousin Tiff and Boston
One of Boston's biggest fans, Supergirl
Chaperoned by an aunt and uncle, Holly and all of the cousins piled into a Suburban and drove around different neighborhoods to trick or treat. It’s a tradition, which even AJ and I have participated in (because it’s weird to trick or treat beyond teenage years and even weirder to do so in a costume beyond age 12, we were just proud chaperones). But the kids have kicked it up a notch. They know exactly which homes give out the large treats and that’s where they aim for. This year, there was an anomaly as they each came home with a toothbrush as well. We suspect we have a dentist on the trail. What a smart man! I rest assured that even with the large haul the kids came back with this year, their rotting teeth will be delayed by brushing, occasionally. J/k.
Family is where it’s at. They sometimes are the cause of headaches and heartbreaks, but they also bring their fair share of joy. What a wonderful night. :)

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