Monday, October 14, 2013

Totoro Baby Shower

I didn't get the chance to write about the shower for Baby Boston that happened at the end of August so I'm doing so now. This was a surprise shower. Apparently it was something that had been months in the planning and everyone knew about it all along including my husband. How they managed to keep it a secret from me for so many months, I do not know. But what I know for sure is that both Boston and I are very loved by many people in our lives.

The shower was held at Posterity Park right behind our house. It was themed after our favorite Japanese children's film by Hiyao Miyosaki called, "My Neighbor Totoro." This is the theme we had chosen for Baby Boston's nursery and I'm very excited about it (pictures of completed nursery to come.

AJ took me for a short walk and dropped me off at the shower (36 weeks pregnant).

The gift table decorated with a Totoro banner.
Card stock Totoro banner that will line the walls of his nursery.

Boston's name on card stock and canvas which we'll hang on his nursery door.

ABC blocks with card stock that Boston will play with when he gets older.
Liz, the person behind all of the decorations and shower games.
For this game, people held a paper plate up behind their heads and drew a picture of a baby on it. I chose the best drawing and the winner received a prize.
I'm so grateful for everyone involved in the planning of the shower, especially my husband, in-laws, and baby sister who knew about it all along and had to keep it a secret. I imagine it must have been difficult to not to slip while hanging out with me everyday. The baby shower was everything I could have hoped for and more. I had a wonderful time visiting with old friends, playing games, and getting ready for Baby Boston as people shared their experiences with me. I am also so thankful for all of the gifts we received for Boston.

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