Friday, October 11, 2013

Introducing Baby Boston

I can hardly believe that Boston is a whole month (5 weeks to be exact) old now! It seems just like yesterday that he came to us. Back when we were as brand new of parents as he was as brand new of a baby. He's such a darling baby, ours to love forever and ever. We can't help but give him beijos (kisses) and abra├žos (hugs) all the time, even when he's not a happy camper. We love to talk with him, play with him, sleep with him, go on walks and car rides with him, watch movies with him -- we just love spending time with him. We're learning so much about this little man and how to take care of him every single day. Here are some things we've learned:

His likes to:
  • stretch out his legs and pretend he's walking
  • pucker up his lips
  • give us the smile that warms our hearts
  • make sweet little coos
  • bob his head back and forth and side to side (he has a strong neck)
  • play with his Aunt Holly and Daddy
  • get kisses and strokes on his cheeks
  • cross his eyes right before he dozes off to sleep
  • snore and smile in his sleep
  • grunt and stretch - he's such a fidgety baby
  • fall asleep after drinking mum mum
  • use his binky on and off
  • lay quietly on his blanket and absorb life around him
Mommy loves to hold his little body against hers, give him kisses, rub her cheek against his thick black hair, and look down at his angel face and think "I'm such a lucky mommy."

Daddy loves to give him beijos, watch Japanese anime with him, make up rhyme songs for him, video "Quiet time with Boston," and dance with him.

His dislikes:
  • being cold
  • diaper changes
  • not being held
  • Baby goat because of his goat-like cries
  • The hulk when he turns red from being upset
  • Little caterpillar because he climbs up our chest
  • Sweet boy because he cozies up to us like an angel
In the first month he...
  • has grown about 1.25 inches and gained 1.3 lbs (by 3rd week)
  • tried crawling
  • has had a hard time sleeping through the night
  • began learning to roll over
  • doubled his food intake
  • has a lot of hair
  • has long little toes and legs
 We both feel very blessed to be Baby Boston's parents. We can't wait for him to gain more personality as he grows, but we're also enjoying the time while he is still teeny tiny. We are thankful for the little moments that he shares with us, doing cute and silly things. We love him so much :)

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