Saturday, July 6, 2013

Filipino Vegas

Vegas is such a melting pot for people from all over, which means lots of delicious cuisines as well. Since were just a couple hours away, we decided to go on a drive to Vegas to pick some delicacies from a filipino supermarket mecca, Seafood City  on Maryland Blvd, or as Holly said, "Maryland Monroad." The store has a wide variety of tropical fruits including rambutan, jackfruit, and lychee. It was even equipped with the Filipino equivalence of McD's and Panda Express called, Jolly Bee and Chow King. I was excited to have some of the same things we had while we were in the Philippines. I highly recommend a visit here to see another, more ethnic and local part of Vegas.

Right next door is a teeny bakery called, Valerio's Tropical Bakery where clients are shoulder to shoulder with each other. They make fresh Filipino goods everyday including Puto Bumbang (coconut and purple yam dessert) to die for and pan de coco (coconut bread)! Be sure to stop by this quaint bakery.

Jolly Bee!
Our collection of foods: fried chicken and rice

Halo halo

And of course we couldn't pass up the chance to drive down the Strip despite having gone there so many times before. Fancy.

The Bellagio

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