Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Community Team Work

I love that Goldman promotes volunteerism among its employees so they can make a difference in the community. Groups of employees chose days to be involved with "Community Team Work." Today, instead of going into the office, I went to Globus Relief to help sort and package medical supplies to be sent to places that needed them both within and out of the United States. For example, they have sent supplies to Hurricane Sandy as well as Oklahoma and Haiti. They have been making a difference for decades and have now reached over 100 different countries. Read more about them here.

Starting off the day was a little challenging as there were only stairs in front of the entrance, so I recruited 2 young men to help carry me up into the building. Then, when I needed to use the restroom, the receptionist led me to one that was not wheelchair accessible and told me there were no other options. Luckily, I had my carpool friends, Angela and Shayla helped fireman carry me into the stall. Imagine fitting three grown ladies in a teeny restroom stall. That was tricky and hilarious. But I dreaded the thought of going through the ordeal every two hours (due to my pregnancy). Luckily, we came across a wheelchair accessible restroom near the work room. What a relief!

Service with a smile!

I wouldn't say we had the most thrilling time of our lives but we knew we were doing something good that will go to help many others. The work we did was repetitive; sorting unexpired supplies from expired ones, boxing and packing, and labeling. But we had a great time talking and hanging out with each other in the process. Overall, it was a rewarding experience to be involved in the community in another way, as well as learn another part of what the Goldman culture entails. I hope to volunteer more often and that you will, too!

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  1. Happy to see that you're still finding ways to serve!!! You guys rock!!