Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fourth of July in Rigby, Idaho

 Idaho isn't the first place that pops in mind when one thinks of a vaca, especially not little town Rigby, however, it's one of our family's favorite spots to be because of the wonderful extended family that we have there. We went up for the weekend for our uncle's annual Fourth of July party. It's fun to get together to eat, catch up on each other's lives, and right from his backyard, we could watch the Rigby town fireworks show over the lake.

Life is so simple here. Lots of land, potato farms, mom & pop shops (which I love), and quiet drives around town. It's small enough to have a simple, private life, but close enough to a "major city" if you want a bit more exciting night out on the town.

This picture is the view from our hotel of the Idaho Falls temple, the river that leads down to the falls, as well as a part of the wedding reception going on.
This picture is especially for AJ as he is away for the fourth of July. It's irony that he gets to travel over summers to wonderful foreign places, but also misses fun festivities like Independence day. Don't worry, he always finds a way to celebrate one of our top American holidays with a hefty burger or so.  We love watching fireworks together so hopefully, next year we'll be together watching fireworks again.

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