Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Robin's Nest

Today I had lunch with a friend from my team, Caitlin at a gourmet sandwich cafe called, Robin's Nest in downtown SLC. It's a super popular lunch spot for Goldman employees. There was such a long line, but it was a worthwhile wait. They have so many unique options [and names to go with them], and the meal comes with a drink, cake, and home fried chips. I ordered "The Heritage," which was a delicious ensemble of Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Cappicola Ham, Melted Provolone and vegetable goodness. Of course, my pregnant self required my daily intake of Tums afterwards, but it was a fair trade. I thoroughly enjoyed each bite with just the right combination of spices.

I was this big after. Well, my tummy was bound to get this big at 27 weeks, anyway. No shame in being a pregnant lady.

Baby Boston is getting big!! I'm not feeling ready for him to come out yet, but I am ready to be rid of the complications that have come thus far. It's quite miserable! Nonetheless, I love this kid and can't wait to meet him when the time is right. I love feeling his little flutters in my tummy during the day :)

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  1. Your sandwich sounded delicious, I had Cambodian Pancakes for lunch (also delicious) and you're stil looking great at 27 weeks. Keep it up!