Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts in Salt Lake City, UT

There's something about Dunkin' Donuts that gets our family excited every time we travel to a city that has one. It may be the rarity of it on the West Coast. It may be the delicious bavarian filled, Boston Creme Pie. Or it may simply be it's-to-die-for-high-calories variety of donuts in general. Anyway, we couldn't resist the drive and long wait in line to pick up some delicious Dunkin' Donuts from the new shop (opened this last Tuesday in Salt Lake City, the first in Utah). Our tummies felt so nice and fuzzy inside, and at least a lb. heavier after. It was fantastic! But that's just how Dunkin' rolls :)

Too bad AJ wasn't around to hog...I mean share all of the donuts, so Mom and Dad are struggling with their temptation to finish the whole dozen in one day. 

AJ, this will be the treat to look forward to when you get home. Like seriously, no literally on the way home from the airport, we're going to make Dunkin' happen for you, hon. In the mean time, enjoy those Cambodian pancakes!

So if you're in the Salt Lake area, make sure to take a trip up to Dunkin' Donuts. You really won't regret it. Really.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fourth of July in Rigby, Idaho

 Idaho isn't the first place that pops in mind when one thinks of a vaca, especially not little town Rigby, however, it's one of our family's favorite spots to be because of the wonderful extended family that we have there. We went up for the weekend for our uncle's annual Fourth of July party. It's fun to get together to eat, catch up on each other's lives, and right from his backyard, we could watch the Rigby town fireworks show over the lake.

Life is so simple here. Lots of land, potato farms, mom & pop shops (which I love), and quiet drives around town. It's small enough to have a simple, private life, but close enough to a "major city" if you want a bit more exciting night out on the town.

This picture is the view from our hotel of the Idaho Falls temple, the river that leads down to the falls, as well as a part of the wedding reception going on.
This picture is especially for AJ as he is away for the fourth of July. It's irony that he gets to travel over summers to wonderful foreign places, but also misses fun festivities like Independence day. Don't worry, he always finds a way to celebrate one of our top American holidays with a hefty burger or so.  We love watching fireworks together so hopefully, next year we'll be together watching fireworks again.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Thoughts of a Pregnant Working Woman

I've had such a rough time working 10-hours a day in a new and stressful environment here at Goldman Sachs, when it was never a problem for me before. It's been a steep learning curve these past few weeks in maneuvering systems and getting into the fast paced/high risk corporate environment. I feel that being pregnant has immensely compounded the challenges of this job, especially with my body's yearning for a nice nap throughout my long work day. To make matters worse, my brain is mush, and I'm not as sharp as I normally am. (Please tell me this is temporary!) I haven't been able to sleep very well either, which I'm sure factors into the difficulty of staying awake at work and constant fatigue I've been experiencing. I am usually a night owl, but now I can't wait to hit my pillow every single night. Work and pregnancy have been rough on my body, but I'm doing my best to enjoy this period while I can. If anything, my baby will grow up to know that we can accomplish hard things in any circumstance. I'm grateful for both the experience of real world work at a world-renowned firm as well as being pregnant :)

As I sit at my desk each day, going through my daily processes and projects at Goldman, my little boy thumps along the walls of my tummy, reminding me that I'm not alone. It's him that helps get me through the rough days. I think about him a lot and I love him so much already. Because of him, I get to be pregnant. I get to become a mom in a few months. The cool thing about being pregnant is feeling like my child and I are one as we are sharing the same body for the time being. Whatever I eat, he eats. Whatever I hear, he hears. Whenever I talk, he also hears me. It's a wonderful experience to have him with me at all times. Because of him, everything is worth it.

After work, I decided I needed some good casual Friday and weekend maternity clothes, as nothing fits anymore except for the maternity office clothes I splurged on earlier in the summer. I hit up Old Navy and was surprised they even had a maternity section, which so happens to be right next to the little boys section. I got a snapshot of some really cute boy hats and shoes that I can so see little Boston wearing someday. Hopefully, he will take after his mommy and daddy and learn to appreciate cute shoes and hats!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Robin's Nest

Today I had lunch with a friend from my team, Caitlin at a gourmet sandwich cafe called, Robin's Nest in downtown SLC. It's a super popular lunch spot for Goldman employees. There was such a long line, but it was a worthwhile wait. They have so many unique options [and names to go with them], and the meal comes with a drink, cake, and home fried chips. I ordered "The Heritage," which was a delicious ensemble of Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Cappicola Ham, Melted Provolone and vegetable goodness. Of course, my pregnant self required my daily intake of Tums afterwards, but it was a fair trade. I thoroughly enjoyed each bite with just the right combination of spices.

I was this big after. Well, my tummy was bound to get this big at 27 weeks, anyway. No shame in being a pregnant lady.

Baby Boston is getting big!! I'm not feeling ready for him to come out yet, but I am ready to be rid of the complications that have come thus far. It's quite miserable! Nonetheless, I love this kid and can't wait to meet him when the time is right. I love feeling his little flutters in my tummy during the day :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY {Crochet Totoro for Boston}

Before the crack of dawn on Friday, AJ kissed and hugged me goodbye to embark on another adventure of his own, doing research in a foreign land half way around the world -- Cambodia. I was too exhausted to sob the tears of my heart, but certainly felt it that day and the ones after. To ease the longing and narrow the distance from each other, we decided to take a picture a day of our experiences and interests to share with the other so we can still be a part of the other's adventures. Not all of mine will be posted because I just know how tired I'll be to write. Here goes:

This is a picture of Totoro, a character from Hiyao Miyazaki's film, "Totoro." We love Studio Ghibli films and are planning to use Totoro as the theme for baby's nursery. I got the pattern from Lucy Ravenscar's blog. I thought of purchasing one from Etsy, but have you seen the prices of things on there? Crazy! So I have been working on this Totoro everyday after work to give to our little baby boy, Boston when he arrives in September. Totoro has helped keep my mind off of AJ being gone. It's getting a little difficult because I have pregnancy carpal tunnel, but I really want to finish this. There's nothing like seeing the end results of all your efforts. So worth the pain. I'm working on his little white and blue friends next. AJ is also working on a Totoro for Boston made of felt. I'm excited to see it! We love our precious baby boy already and can't wait to meet him!