Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Be a friend

Have you ever felt alone in crowded room of people? On Friday, I went to a wedding reception where I felt uncomfortable because I felt quite alone, out of place, and just wished there would be someone there who would come talk to me.  Normally, I'm a pretty outgoing person and can easily hold a conversation with just anybody, but awkward times do arise.  I didn't know anyone enough to wheel up to them and just start chatting.  Oh how I hoped someone would come talk to me.  

Luckily, someone did come and made me feel less awkward and that it mattered that I was there.  I was so glad. After some time, more and more people came to talk to me.  The next thing I knew, I had been there for three and a half hours! 

Anyways, I just want to thank those who care about me, and let them know that I care about them, too.  I also hope that each and everyone of us will be mindful of our surroundings, and how we can positively affect people by the simple things we do--especially for those who seem to be having a hard time adjusting and may need our help.  We can all be a friend and lend a hand.  People who made an effort to come talk to me made a huge difference in my time there.  I had a great time.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. Dang girl, you're such an inspiration for me. I love you. Every time I see you on campus you always have a huge smile on your face. Christ's light always shines in you. I love you, Martina. Thank you for being so kind to me all these years, amiga. :)

  2. My girls were so excited to see they had been posted on your blog. We all love you! I am so grateful for the example you are and the light you bring to our lives! We'll sure miss you the next little while...Keep us posted on all the fun:)