Friday, April 27, 2012

"Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God in Great Glory"

I went to the BYU Women's Conference, which happens over two days, and have just had the most wonderful learning experiences. What happens during this conference are various sessions of topics and speakers we choose to go hear, and they enlighten us with what they know.  I'll post what I learned from the conference over the next few days in attempt to savor the words a little bit longer.

Ruth Todd, a senior manager in LDS public affairs, spoke on "Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God in Great Glory." She stated that "Women's influence for good can be magnified by the power of God in great glory," therefore, we must arm ourselves with good, righteousness and wisdom because others within and beyond our comfortable spheres of friendship will turn to us in times of need. To do this, we are to equip ourselves of very strong armor.

Firstly, she quoted Camila Kimball's emphasis on women attaining higher education to better serve themselves, family, friends, neighbors, etc. We are capable of doing more than we think and we can be as wise as we choose and strive to be.

Second, prayer. How are fortunate are we to have the atonement of Jesus Christ to allow us this opportunity to directly speak with our Heavenly Father. Take advantage of it. Prayer unlocks the power of heaven for us and allows us to be armed with his glory and love.

Third, scriptures. They provide individual answers to what we seek to know. That helps us to better know our savior and our creator by the experiences of his children before us. From them, we learn our ways through this life.

Fourth, service. It will never fail anyone. Seek to love as He loves by serving his children. We have the power to empower others with our spiritual influence and strength. Find strong grounds and stick to it. Those you serve will see it. By staying strong in what you believe, you are serving not only those around you, but yourself as well. Be strong. "No waffling."

I'm so grateful to get to hear this message.  I felt so inspired to equip myself with goodness and become a stronger woman whom others could count on.  I think one of the blessings of this earth is having people you can count on in times of need--those who can inspire and comfort you.  I definitely want to be one of these people.  One of my most treasured gifts in this life is relationships.  They excite and comfort me to know that I am not alone, and they add so much meaning to my life.  I am deeply saddened when it doesn't work out, but I really, really try my best not to let that.  I know I need to make many changes in my life for I am not perfect, in order to serve in this capacity.  But I'm so willing to try, always.  Exemplify your best traits and talents, and strive to be the great person you know you can become, and always demonstrate and prioritize your commitment to God, family, friends, etc. as best as you can.  The Lord wants me to be happy and filled with peace, and we have both each and everyday of our lives, if we choose to make it that way.  Make each day our happiest.  CHOOSE JOY!

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