Saturday, March 3, 2012

Attempt at Fondue

Amidst the midterms and stress, it was time to participate in some very much needed girl time so I invited my lovelies for some awesome chocolate fondue with apples, marshmallows, bananas...that sounds so girly, right? Well, it was delicious!  It's always fun and relaxing to visit with each other ... and eat fondue.

Fondue pot or a double boiler
2 cups of water
1 bag baker's chocolate (dark or milk on preference) 
2 pieces of almond bark


1. Melt in a double boiler. Place water in sauce pan or lower boiler over low heat. Place cut pieces of chocolate (or chocolate chips) on top boiler or in a light, non plastic bowl. The steam will slowly cook the chocolate above.
  • Make sure not to put the bottom of the bowl (holding the chocolate) in contact with the steaming or boiling water. Contact with the water may cause the bowl to grow too warm, burning the chocolate instead of melting it.
  • You can melt the chocolate a 1/3 of bag at a time to make it go faster and more smoothly
  •  **Do not add water as the chocolate will become unusable. If you do happen to introduce a bit of water into the chocolate while melting, a little bit of vegetable oil will make the chocolate more usable, although it will still be grainy.
2. Stirring constantly, move the chocolate around until it begins to melt. Because chocolate is very easily scalded, be careful not to leave the room or stop stirring for too long.

3. Continue stirring until the chocolate has fully melted. Adjust the heat on the stove if you believe the chocolate is melting too quickly. The whole process should take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Use for recipe for dipping, dressing, or incorporating into another recipe. Again, take care not to accidentally introduce droplets of water to the chocolate with the stirring implement.

Check out instructions for microwave chocolate here and other methods here.

I love these girls! They have been here for me through and through.  I really enjoy the wonderful talks we have and all the laughter as well as tears we share.  I'm so thankful for friends and the way that they make life that much more interesting.  These simple moments of happiness in life are what I live for.  Thanks ladies for making it so worthwhile!


  1. You better keep these up, because you've got the whole girls' night figured out. Sushi was fun, but chocolate dipped marshmallows brought things to a whole new level.

  2. haha...a whole new level girlfriend. and there lots of other fun ideas to implement...soon!