Friday, October 5, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude

The other day, I was reminded by a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that gratitude is essential in life because we just don't know what the future holds.  From my personal experiences over the years, I've learned that time on this earth is short so enjoy those moments of both happiness and sadness. 

The secret to enjoying life despite everyday struggles--pain, sickness, stress, etc.--is having an attitude of gratitude: look for those simple blessings or remember funny and comforting moments to be happy about. For example, when I am wheeling up a steep hill (especially the one behind the BYU library), I think to myself, "I can do it, keep wheeling, little by little, I'm almost there."  When I get to the top, I congratulate myself with a pat on the back. Having the ability to accomplish that simple task is a blessing to me and I'm thankful for that strength--not only physical strength to push myself, but an inner strength to live. Whenever I seek those blessings, I feel so happy because I can see the huge role He plays in every aspect of my life--I am not alone. Someone wonderful is watching over me.

Sometimes, challenges seem overwhelmingly difficult. Yes, it does get annoying not being able to reach things that are higher than me, or push up hills, or get around stairs. Sometimes, I have bad days and just want to give up and throw in the towel. But I remind myself, "If not this, then what?" I feel everyone has challenges of some sort. What challenge am I willing to take on? It could be worst and scarier. Should I press it? No, these challenges are for me, personally. I need these challenges to progress and I become better person, which I feel I am now because I made that commitment not to quit, ever. I want to keep growing and learning, and I want to be able to help someone else who is going through their trial, just as others have helped me. I am so grateful. I feel I've accomplished so much already and no matter what the future holds, I'm ready and I know I'll be grateful then too.

There are so many simple things to be grateful for in life. Seek them and we'll be tons happier. 

Today, I am grateful for scones. They're so simple and delicious!

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