Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of year as we get to spend it with family, catching up and enjoying lots of laughter. It's a time of consistency where we can carry out traditions, create new ones, and expect a great time with the family. This year, we spent it with AJ's family and my sisters.  We had early morning church and then came home for Christmas brunch together. We had a good laugh figuring out how to pose for Christmas photos with the family afterwards, especially in trying to hide the gut we each developed after Thanksgiving. The day before, we opened one gift already as part of our tradition (Holly was most excited) and continued the present opening spree this morning. We had a wild time. It's nice to receive gifts that others have put thought into, but I really enjoyed shopping and trying to figure out what others in my family would enjoy. I find it funny that we jump through so many hoops to keep the gift a surprise and I seriously think that's the best part of the process. 

This year was the first year we celebrated Christmas together as a married couple. In prior years, we had a tradition of opening our present for each other before I left home for Christmas break in California. But this year, we were together as a family. I was so thrilled. AJ was so kind as to wrap a huge box of catheters and trick me into thinking I hit the jackpot this Christmas. It totally threw me off! But he gave me an even better gift after: a beautiful white Fossil watch so I don't have to ask what time it is or struggle to find my phone for the time anymore. I was so grateful for this practical and beautiful gift. My husband knows me well :)

The LARGE present in lots and lots of newspaper.
The real gift: a beautiful white Fossil watch surrounded by rhinestones.
**However, I hope we all learn that the principle reason we celebrate this holiday is in memory of our savior, Jesus Christ. He has provided us with the ultimate give: repentance and redemption. I am so grateful to know that there is someone who loves me so much as to make this sacrifice for me. I feel so blessed to know him and have him in my life.

Me, and my beautiful sisters, Holly and Molly

The Huntingtons: AJ, Holly, Me, Molly, Tony, Rose, and Aja
This was the most priceless picture ever of Holly--when she opened up Just Dance 3 Wii.

Children get the best and coolest gifts. In our family, it's tradition to save the best gift for last. Here is Holly opening obviously the coolest and coveted gift for last. We just loved her surprised expression because we had told her earlier that we couldn't find the game in stores anymore because it was all sold out. That expression was priceless and I would do anything to get it again in years to come. Kids are the best part of holidays. They make it so much more fun. I look forward to holidays with our children and traditions to come.

Unfortunately, it was a pretty snowless Christmas in our part of Utah. Thus I still have never experienced a snowy white Christmas. But I'm in no rush. It's already tough to brave the frosty cold here. So we didn't get to build a snowman. But did get to watch reruns of our favorite shows: House, NCIS, and Bond movies, then play Just Dance afterwards. We continued festivities with some of AJ's Christmas coxinhas, a brazilian tear-shaped savory deep fried dough ball with chicken inside. They were so delicious! AJ is determined to make those a tradition and I couldn't agree more. Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas together as a family. I hope you enjoy yours too :) Feliz Natal!

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