Saturday, October 29, 2011

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose"

This was one of my most favorite quotes when I was in high school.  It motivated me to live life with a purpose and try to make a difference in the world.  I think about what kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind for my posterity and for this world.  The times that I felt most fulfilled were when I was doing service for others.  I feel that we will be happiest when we are serving the Lord's children, which will also grant us many blessings of happiness.  There's just something special about sacrificing your time and efforts to lighten the load of those struggling.  

Service manifests itself in many ways, even if it means simply giving a smile or saying "hello" to brighten someone's day.  I always try to smile at people, even strangers as I'm passing by.  It doesn't require a lot of work and hopefully it initiates a ripple effect.  It brings me great joy to know I have served my brothers and sisters with all of my heart; there's just incomparable joy that comes from doing good for others.  Now, don't get me wrong, they don't necessarily need our help, but we can always offer to serve and show them that we care.  When we commit to serving our brothers and sisters, we are committing ourselves to God as well.

As a program director for a Y-Serve program called, Service to the World I put on a monthly project night for the community and BYU students.  In the past, we have made hats, puppets, file folder games, school bags to send to children in developing areas of the world through LDS Humanitarian Services and other NGO's.  We've also worked with local NGO's to help women's shelters as well as schools abroad, by preparing hygiene kits, scarves, blankets, and nail kits.  We have had many great turn outs of volunteers.  I am impressed by those, especially students, who were willing to sacrifice time from studying and other obligations, to serve children they don't even know.  Now they are living their lives with purpose by providing as much care and love as they can for others.

 Jon, Martina, & AJ with some of the puppets.

There are so many ways we can serve others in our families, communities, and around the world.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others, despite being in a wheelchair.  I've gained a greater testimony of my Heavenly Father's love for me because he still allows me the opportunity learn and grow through serving others.  I know that I can do many things because of his help, and I am confident that service is something everyone in any condition can get involved with.  From this experience and many others of service, I am prompted to dedicate my life to serving others--that is my purpose in this life. 

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