Monday, August 22, 2011

First time in New York City in a Wheelchair

New York City really is the city that never sleeps. I don't know how you can when there's so much to see!  We had a lot of fun exploring this exciting city.  I really wish we could stay maybe just even a few more months. Wait, I just thought about it and I wouldn't want to try traversing the crowds of tourist for an extensive time!

There's so much history here, especially our most recent and unforgettable one--September 11th.  I will never forget the day I learned about this dreadful event that marked American history forever.  All of the surrounding areas of the Towers were wheelchair accessible, minus the metro. We learned the hard way that not all NYC metros, actually a limited few are wheelchair accessible with lifts. So I was awkwardly carried up and down many flights of stairs around the metro until we found the exit. NYC is definitely a walkable city with curb cuts for wheelchairs for the most part.  I would suggest doing that whether or not you're in a wheelchair, unless you're limited on time, then catch a cab (very expensive) or find the bus route (it's fairly punctual).  Not only is strolling around fun, but sure is fun to see all the details. However, a little disclaimer is that there are some hills, which is miserable in the summer with a backpack in the back of the wheelchair.

AJ and I were very fortunate to go see the very popular show, "Wicked" on Broadway.  That was such a magical event. I enjoyed every last bit of the musical. I wish I could to see it again!!!  I loved how much it made me laugh and the way the actors sang each song so beautifully and passionately.  I was so grateful that Gershwin theater was wheelchair accessible.  And because my husband and I called in to the theater ahead of time, we were able to get tickets for half price for the evening show, with really nice seats right up from the center of the stage.
We were also able to watch "Phantom of the Opera," which was also a beautiful classic, known worldwide.  The Majestic theater was a little less accessible than Gershwin, but they were still accommodating and also gave us and our friend a half price discount.  We sat to the left and a few rows away from the stage. 

**FYIW: If you go to the discount ticket office in the middle of Times, you can get ahead in the line by flagging the line attendant.

I would live in NYC, just to be able to watch the musicals.

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