Thursday, August 25, 2011

That time I came home to a surprise home makeover!

AJ and I came home to the greatest surprise of our lives. I still can't even believe it.  While were gone, our home ward got together to do service for us (I know, for us?!?). They provided me with a new lift to get in and out of the house in and a home make over to accommodate my wheelchair. They worked over a week to widen the doors in our house, paint the rooms, pour a concrete sidewalk, fix the room, reinforcements--all in anticipation for a lift that would ease my daily routine (not have to be carried up and down the stairs everyday), and enable me to be more mobile and independent. 
The Lakeview 8th Ward showed their love for us by this giant surprise.
Pouring cement for the new sidewalk that leads to the lift. 
The New Lift

I have to give the biggest "Thank You" of my life. I am amazed by the number of people out there who are so willing to contribute their time, talent, and efforts to help ease my life. I feel so fortunate that these are the people I get to call my neighbors, and even better, that they make up my ward family. I am so touched by such a generous act of love and service. There was not a better gift I could have asked for.  And our dear family who kept this huge surprise from us. I can't believe it! This is such a huge blessing. I'm so excited to use it!

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