Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tea Time Bridal Shower

For my bridal shower, we had a an elegant backyard tea party in beautiful sunny May. Invites were handmade and sent out by my bridesmaids about two weeks in advance to friends and family. 
Tea bag inspired invitation
Made out of card stock and shape punchers (inside note, flower, and circle) from Stampin' Up.
Many of my friends who were still in town as well as the women in AJ's life were able to make it, for which I was so grateful. The backyard was meticulously prepared for tea time.
Turquoise table clothes, white flower centerpieces, doilies, tea cups and plates.
Paper tea cups with treats inside
We enjoyed delicious sandwiches, salad, pastries, cake, and lemonade.
Amazing women in my life
The girls played a cake decorating game and I got to choose the winner for the best decorated cake. 
We also played a game where I was supposed to guess how AJ would answer ??'s about our dating memories together, likes and dislikes, etc. Then we would watch a video to find out how AJ answered each question. Whenever I missed a question, I had to fill my mouth up with marshmallows as penalty. By the end of the game, I looked like a chipmunk.

There were also paper out for the ladies to put down advice for me.
At the end of the shower, I got to open presents from everyone. There were so many practical gifts that I'm excited to use, but the awkward lingeries were the ones that made things even more interesting.
I feel so grateful to have such wonderful ladies in my life who put on such a perfect bridal shower for me. I  had so much fun visiting with old friends and celebrating this new stage of life together. 

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