Friday, June 24, 2011

Honeymoon in Florida

AJ and I had a sweet and fun time in Florida on our honeymoon.  There were so many blessings to count.  For one, we had a whole house to ourselves thanks to some wonderful friends of mine, eliminating hotel costs. We also got pointers from locals as to where to visit in the area. There is so much to see! Here are some of our highlights.
We went to two beautiful, white sand beaches--Cocoa Beach and Siesta Key Beach.  AJ said that these beaches were the easiest ever for him to pull wheelchair on.  Now, these beaches were different in so many ways from the beaches I'm accustomed to in California.  Cocoa beach was actually very remote, with little people to crowd the scenery.  However, it was extremely windy and isn't the prettiest beach around.  We were told by a local that it rocks because of the remoteness and the fact that booze can be brought in without fines. haha

Ciesta Keys was an absolutely amazing beach.  The beautiful aquamarine water was so warm, with little waves as part of the giant Gulf of Mexico pool.  It was fun to swim and find little fishies everywhere! The sand was nice and warm to lie on.  It was also just fun to see people hanging out as we were and even some playing.  Kids are the cutest to watch when they giggle while running around and building sand castles. What a beautiful and warm day so bring sunblock and snacks! ((FYIW: This is an accessible beach. Your wheelchair might sink slightly in depending on weight, but it can be done! You'll definitely want to be bring a towel because the sand on this beach is so warm))

We couldn't go to Florida without hitting up the themed parks-Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World.  It was so worth it to visit each of them because they have unique fun to offer.

The shows that Sea World had to offer, with its many sea creatures were awesome.  The animals are so smart and well-trained.  The shows are very fascinating and fun to watch.  You can tell the trainers put in a lot of time and really love these animals. Don't sit in the front of the whale show unless you want to get wet! The stadiums are wheelchair accessible but requires some direction from attendants.

I loved the roller coasters at Universal because it was so fast and exhilarating.  Definitely go on the Hulk for one of the fastest and thrilling ride ever, but make sure you go to the restroom beforehand, and breath on your way up the scary parts. 
Harry Potter World was awesome! The makers did a great job at creating a rendition of the actually city of Diagonalley.  There were crowds every where (of course).  Be prepared for a really long line even in January as it is new.  But it's worth the trip to see the wand store, Harry Potter souvenir shops, magic shows, potter singers, and have a taste of good old butter beer.  

The ride was very exciting--a mixture of virtual and actual physically intense effects.  What a line!  We waited for a total of two and a half hours.  Go during off season, which is probably not going to happen for a few years, especially not during Christmas, or pay the extra money for a fast pass on any ride!  But it was so worth it!!! And yes, it was wheelchair accessible.

Disney is definitely a cute place take pictures and watch shows.  I loved the Japanese section of Epcot with Taiko drummers and a candy artist--she made me a blue dragon out of Japanese taffy.  The fireworks show at Magic Kingdom is probably the best fireworks show I've ever seen.  Fourth of July must be cool here, if it weren't for the massive crowd!

Posing with Jasmine and Aladdin

Massive fireworks show at Magic Kingdom

I'm so glad to be able to enjoy this fun experience with my sweetheart.  Thank you, AJ for such a wonderful time and your sweet company on our honeymoon!

FYIW: All of the Disney Parks are wheelchair accessible.  Unlike Disneyland, they will not permit special passes to those in wheelchairs because of their accommodations, so be prepared to wait or get fast passes!!!

If you have any questions about travel in Florida in a wheelchair, or would like suggestions of where to go, please feel free to contact me via Facebook or on this blog.