Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring break with children

My little siblings, Anthony and Holly got to come up from Cali and spend their break with me. I loved it! I felt really like a mom: planning my schedule around them to make the most time with them, getting food to feed them, planning activities to do for them, etc. It was a lot of fun. They spent a lot of time with AJ's family and got really close to them. Mom and dad miss Holly's little feet running back and forth everywhere. We hope they can come play here this summer.

Some of the things we were able to do with them included:

  • Going out for a pizza buffet at Pizza Pie Cafe
  • Taking them to fun classes like floral design
  • Making easter eggs and having an easter egg hunt
  • Going out for some fresh air at the park
  • Making easter decorations out of paper 
  • Playing tons of board games (Monopoly, Candy Land, Pretty Pretty Prince, Connect Four)
(sorry no photos because I forgot)

One of my favorite activities with them was going and seeing a late night showing of Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was one Holly was talking about way before she came here. I had my doubts prior but it turned out to be so awesome! Holly loved it! It was a very creative and fun movie. The storyline was also entertaining to follow. Exploring new worlds is a lot of fun, just make sure you choose the right one. And you just can't say no to pop corn and fulfilling a child's wish.

I had a great time while they were here. I will definitely miss late night family gaming and slumber parties. It was hectic, but I know it is definitely a blessing to have them in my life. I love being able to see them grow and learn new things. I guess that is the blessing of having children. I can't wait to have my own someday, although it may drive me crazy! and definitely can't wait til I see my siblings again in May!

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