Tuesday, April 27, 2010


One day, my little 6-year old sister, Holly, called me with sounds of sadness and tears in her voice. I wasn't sure what was going on because the last time she called me like this was when she realized she was leaving me in Utah and heading back to Cali. So I asked her what had happened. She said, "Martina, I lost the $15 you gave me for my school shirts. I left them in the room yesterday and now I can't find it anywhere." I told her to calm down because it's only money, it'll show up somewhere. No worries. But then she said, "Martina, I'm not responsible, when am I ever going to be responsible?" She was so upset that she kept losing things, and she went down the list of everything she lost already. I told her it's ok, because one day when she can remember things on her own and not lose things anymore, that's when she'll know she's responsible. But I was just proud of her realizing this was a problem and for wanting to improve herself.

But one thing I learned from this experience was the importance of instilling in young people the value of learning and practicing responsibility at a young age. This would help out families so much more if parents learned to be responsible with things such as budgeting and caring and listening their children with lots of love. It would also contribute to society if people took on the responsibility of being courteous and kind to others. And even our country if people obliged themselves to listening to current events, policy plans, society issues and how to implement change, and exercised their rights to vote properly. I think there are little things that we can do, that would make such a huge difference-Sponsability that each and everyone of us should bear.

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