Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Outings and my SCI Recovery

I'm so grateful for the time that AJ has put into this relationship and how much love he shows me through his patience and encouragement.  He has been a key player in this whole healing process.  He visits every single day and updates me on the outside world.  He is very enthusiastic...a great story teller.  He's also very comforting during times of sadness.  He makes me smile :) He is in a tap class and is learning some pretty cool moves.

AJ and I have set aside "date nights" for Friday's, where we put a sign on the door so visitors don't come in for a few hours and we just watch a movie.  I think I fall asleep for most of them.  He tries to stay for as long as possible to make sure I'm really asleep.  I always hate it when he has to leave though because I have to be in a room filled with machines, feeling empty and all by myself. Sadness seeps in because I feel confined to my bed and my freedom is withheld for the time being. Without help, I cannot leave.

But we had a special date this last week. We went to the Draper Temple Open House.  I was really nervous about leaving because it seems so foreign, but my doctors are trying to help me get assimilated with real life again, so we will be doing more "outings."  It was windy and cold.  But the temple was awesome.  We were one of the last visitors and got to go through different entrances. Our tour guide was so kind in showing us the interior with great detail and humor. He led us to one of the coolest spots - it was a grand picture of Christ in his heavenly resurrected state, with his eyes so soft and arms spread out ready to embrace us - me - and saying, "Come unto me." It brought so much solace to look into his peaceful eyes and feel the warmth of his arms, calling me to come unto him.  He really is real. That was an amazing experience, which I'll never forget.

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