Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Story Begins with a little life changing Accident

The WORST Pain of My Life!
It was a bright Thursday afternoon when she got out of my car. Thursday meant snowboarding class for Martina and she was as excited as ever to go. With the same enthusiasm of a little kid getting to go on a much anticipated field trip, Martina waved goodbye and headed to the bus. Neither of us knew that that day, our lives were going to change.
It was several hours later when the first glimpse of tragedy struck.
My phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID I saw it was Martina. I answered expecting to hear her sweet voice, but instead was greeted by a stern manly voice. Confused I asked,
"Hello?" What came next broke my heart: softly Martina cried, "Hon, I fell on my back and it hurts really bad!" If ever anybody felt powerless to help the one they loved, it was me.
Rushing to the hospital I arrived just in time to see them taking her off the helicopter. I ran inside to be with her, but I was stopped by a sentinel guarding the entrance. Captured, she escorted me to my cell where I waited until another came to question me. After her questions she left me, and I was left to my thoughts. I was restless like the way you get when waiting for the results of a test you don't think you did well on. I glared at the door waiting for my release; it was almost an hour before it came.
As I entered the room Martina was in, I felt like I was walking onto the set of a t.v. show. Doctors and nurses rushed around her in ordered chaos. She lay in the middle of the room, smothered in blankets; above her there hung a giant heater that looked like a fry warmer. I crossed the room and lightly caressed her face, it was ice cold despite the attempts to keep her warm. She looked at me and smiled. But it quickly disappeared. Tears began to pool in her eyes as she told me how much pain she was in.
She looked into my eyes, now glistening from tears, and told me, "Hon, I'm scared." I was speechless. All I managed to say was that everything was going to be alright. The words didn't seem like they were enough; not for me and not for her. Words cannot describe what either of us felt at that time.
It wasn't long before my father came and together we administered a blessing to her. This was probably the best thing we could have done at this time. It brought the peace that can only be felt when people place their trust in their God and align their will with His. Shortly after we had given the blessing, the doctors told us they were taking her for immediate surgery.
They took her and we watched helplessly as she was wheeled down the hall for her surgery. For her the next six hours were spent lying on her face, unconscious, while the doctors operated to save what they could of her spine. The surgery resulted in steel rods and several screws placed in her lower back. While for me, the time was spent calling her friends and family to console and comfort them.
After her surgery we had a little time to visit with her, but those of us who were there didn't stay long. We knew she needed rest to regain her strength for the challenges that lay ahead. By now it was 3 a.m. the next day. The visit was bittersweet; though she was able to talk with us, tears swelled in her eyes. She was still in pain and the doctors did not yet know how much damage her spinal cord had experienced, but the outlook was bleak: she would probably never walk again. We gave her another blessing and then we left. All of us much more sober and grateful to God for the tender mercies in our lives that made it possible to bear this experience and the hardships to come.

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