Monday, March 16, 2009


Life is full of Bittersweetness.
There comes in life, many bitter moments, hardships, trials, things that seem unbearable. However, we must always remember that there must be a balance. Remember to look for the sweet moments as well and hold on to them for as long as possible.  Embrace all that you experience.  Learn from it.  Hold on to those you love and live by what you know is right.  Stay strong and positive.

Rehab is a reality check. The first few days were miserable. First, each day was a reminder of how much I needed my legs because I'm being trained to do everything with as little help as possible; I couldn't even put on my own pants! Oh the frustration, especially with this turtle shell on (and another six months to go).

Second of all: physical therapy. All the activities we did would have been 10x easier if I could just use my legs. Who would've thought scooting could be so hard; yes, without your legs scooting your butt is one of the most complicated activities ever! The only thing I had to rely on were my arms and my physical therapist's support so I wouldn't fall flat on my face.  And if I wasn't careful, there would be random moments of passing gas... how embarrassing! I just kept apologizing to my therapist...Sorry Dario!

But... I know I'm going to get through it. It's just so frustrating. I wish I use my legs again. Hope. Something that I need to hang on to, right? Well, at least that's what everyone has been reminding me since.
My doctors have been so supportive of me. Sometimes the ones from the O.R. would just come in and ask how I'm doing, and even hang out with me (some even discuss their day skiing...oh you guys make me jealous!!). My nurses and CNA's have been so kind as to help me as much as possible and talk to me and tell not to give up, because miracles do happen. The best part throughout all of this is having my boyfriend, family, and friends along the way. I feel like I need and appreciate them so much more. Thanks guys :)

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