Sunday, May 28, 2017

Anniversary - Our Story

Our story began 10 years ago, when a simple boy decided to be brave and asked a brave girl to simply take a chance on him. He fascinated her with all his stories and love for life. She fascinated him with her awe and love for people. He and she spent hours at Borders, reading and discovering the world together; days, texting Jack Johnson lyrics to each other; months, conversing and learning to learn together. He taught her how to snowboard and she taught him how to run.

He and she spent four years as two people on shared adventures. Little by little, he and she grew together.  He knew she loved him and she knew he loved her. Even when tragedy came, and she could no longer snowboard, nor run, he carried her up and down stair cases, and kept singing Jack Johnson songs to her. He told her he loved her and wiped away her tears. He nursed her back to health with love. He took her on many adventures in a wheelchair.

Hours turned to days and days into years, and he asked her to be his forever. He and she soon embarked on an adventure as one person. They laughed together, cried together, and occasionally, got mad at each other. They saw the world together. They served together. They played together. They loved each other. And now six years later, hand in hand, two beautiful children of their own, they get to be on the greatest adventure (and laugh super hard) together.

Happy Anniversary, Honey.

These six years have been the best of my life. I love our story. I love you more than words.

Celebrated by visiting the Fresno CA LDS Temple!